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Best Planting Practices

Best Planting Practices

How to put your plant in the ground with TLC. 

That's right: Tender Loving Care

The act of planting plants is called transplanting in the trade. And here's how to do it right: 

  • Soak your plant for 5-10 minutes in a submersion of water. In a bucket, tote, wheelbarrow or garbage can (hot tub not recommended ;). 
  • Ideally transplant when its a cooler gentler time of day (early morning, just before sunset) or when overcast to reduce stress on plants. When to plant new gardens in Southern California
  • Pull out the root ball/soil mass and examine to see if detangling or trimming is necessary. Detangle IF root binding or spiraling roots are evident otherwise just roughen the sides and loosen roots at the edges/bottom a bit.
  • Moisten the hole and place your plant, ensuring it is vertical, centered and has some roots pointing out or down.   How to dig a perfect hole for planting a new plant
  • Fill in the sides and press well to ensure soil contact and big air pockets are removed but not hard or overly firm. Bring the soil to level with the top of your plant creating a dirt lip at the sides of the hole. Why mulch? The best thing you can do for any garden especially for saving water
  • MULCH the surface/base of your plant lightly and water to fill the mini reservoir you created around the soil base with the dirt lip at the sides. 
  • Refer to our article on How to Dig a [perfect] Hole for additional finishing pointers. 

PHOTO note: *please don't actually put your plants in a hot tub* chemicals liable to damage plants. 

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