Online Landscape Design in California... Here's how you can save thousands in design fees!

Landscape Design can come in many forms. From a custom designer at your door to a simple preplanned package, here's an overview of how to get great designs in the ground. 

California online landscape design for Los Angeles and Pasadena

Custom Landscape Design

The landscape design industry is perhaps a little slower to change than the flashier more TV-adored industry of interior design. But landscaping is an important component of how we can move forward with improving our planet's habitat and improving the overall health and feeling of our outdoor spaces

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Many architects & designers in this industry are still old-school. They draw plans by hand and then plug them into autoCAD.

This is a valuable service but not very diverse in its applications. And not often very environmentally conscious as Permaculture is not often taught in conventional landscape design education. Thankfully everyday more and more hybrid options become available. 

Online Landscape Design

In the last few years there's quite a few custom design options that are available online or through remote designers. These are great for people who need help with walkways and any big yard additions or have a blank slate of a landscape. 

  • California-based Yard Zen is a leader in this industry, making great contemporary landscape design widely available all across the United States. Their specialty is in modern layouts & hardscape (patios, walkways, fire-pits etc). They are streamlined and come with a higher price tag. More budget friendly online-integrated services like Tilly exist too for all your layout needs. 
  • Small-time custom designers also offer online landscape design, through the use of photos, google earth plug-ins and other remote survey tools. They're GREAT again for all those layout & hardscaping needs. Heads up, they can be just as costly as in-person design if they're local. 
  • DIY online landscape design tools also abound. Checkout these articles: Better Homes & Gardens, DIY Tools or iScape for ideas on all the different ways you can plan your own layout (and then get your California Plants delivered by us! SHOP NOW)

Yeah but how effective is it if they're not seeing my yard in person?

Custom online Landscape Design works GREAT for properties that need big changes in layout, infrastructure or want to add significant features (outdoor kitchens, terraces, pools & all that). AND for properties with simple terrain, where there's not a lot of grade changes or elevation changes.

california online landscape design is here!

In-Person Landscape Design

The old-fashioned industry standard of having someone come and look at your yard (like our founder's original company Califia Ecodesigns) is great for complex projects.

Sometimes you really do need eyes on the ground and a conversation in person to get a clear idea of what you want and how to work with elaborate site changes. 

Preplanned Design...oooo...ahhhh!

This is where we here at California Wild come in! For ANYONE who is just looking for plant changes we are here to make landscape conversion solutions fast, affordable and easy. How? By giving you great designs WITH your locally sourced full-size plants (delivered curbside). 

Shop our Preplanned Gardens Now 

Want to Check-out our competitors? Plants Express, High Country Gardens & American Meadows all offer preplanned gardens! Some of them with much smaller plants [plugs], some of them with much more conventional designs. 

What makes us different? We deliver locally sourced FULL SIZE plants. And we plan with both climate-conciousness & contemporary design aesthetics. Delivering that 1-2 punch of good looks and great functionality (ultra low water? Edible garden? California native? Pollinator? you got it!). 

California Plants Delivered Curbside. The only instant online landscaping solution.

AND we deliver packages in enough different sizes that you can get a BIG chunk of your yard done without paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in design fees. Yes, you will save thousands of dollars in custom design fees. We should know, because that's what we used to charge!  

We want more people to have access to great climate-appropriate design. That's why we're selling plants in combinations inspired by our most successful custom gardens. Get an expert design without paying for it today!

Shop our Preplanned Gardens Now 

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