32 Designer Preplanned Gardens that'll turn your dead lawn into an enchanting MODERN Wilderness

Ever wonder why new landscaping is so darn expensive? Well my friends, it doesn't have to be! 

The California Wild Garden Store is proud to be debuting a new line of designer preplanned gardens dedicated to making great landscaping affordable for you. Who needs a custom designer or contractor?

How to Turn your dead lawn into an enchanting modern wilderness!

These eco-savvy plant blends are drought tolerant, habitat friendly and come with easy-to-follow install plans. You'll probably want your gardener to help with setting up the irrigation or maybe even do the hole digging too. Whatever the case you'll be getting an incredible garden at a fraction of the cost of conventional options. 

We want to see California's home landscapes blossom without wasting water, sabotaging wild habitat or looking tacky. Imagine an edible oasis at your backdoor with our contemporary California food forests. Or a blossoming wildflower meadow out your front window. 


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