How It All Began: Malibu

How it All Began

Ahhh Malibu... from beach house dreams to swollen tides, this coastal mountain ecology has a charm entirely its own. Few experiences can rival a simple hike or quick camp in the Malibu Hills. The bird's song, the beat of distant waves, delicate wildflowers and sages abounding. Surround yourself with the flora of this rugged chaparral, born of a special haven beyond the city's pulse.

One morning back in Spring our founder was so inspired by her surroundings in the Malibu Hills that she wrote a poem. She sat sipping coffee on her tent platform and overlooked the steep sycamore studded canyon hurtling down to wave crashed shores below. She began envisioning her first plant package: 

Oh sugarbush! Oh tumbleweed! Oh buckeye & need grass, oh pigeon point coyote brush and manzanita's mass!
Oh bluejay, song of sparrow and finch, raven's call and june bug tick, how you cry the calls of the wild and dry mountain's palms lick.
Oh honeysuckle! Oh yucca's thorn! Your mightiness shall rise, for my starving soul's found new life in your mists; an eternal flavor to prize! 
- Excerpted from "Ode to Malibu Hills" by Briana Lyon

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