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You asked, we heard! And here they are: a brave, bold selection of Avocado's for all seasons & every Californian's palette. 

Bacon: California-bred varietal, green-skinned, smooth oval shape, medium large in size. Harvest late fall and into spring (B type flower). 

Fuerte: Beloved for it's ease of pealing, this smooth green-skinned avocado is a hybrid between Mexican & Guatemalan varietals and produces fruits weighing up to over a pound but typically only every other year. Harvest late fall and into spring (B type flower).

Hass: Grown widely in Israel and the USA, Hass is perhaps the most infamous of avocados. Originally from Guatemala these dark-skinned bumpy fruits offer ideal creaminess - sometimes reaching a fat content of over 20% - with a tough skin. Harvest up to year-round (A type flower).

Mexicola: Petit thin black-skinned fruit with a light sweet flavor. Harvest from August to October (A type flower). 

Littlecado: A dwarf avocado (only to 15 feet tall) that produces delicious smooth thin-skinned fruit from May to September (both flower types). 

Reed: Large but stout these common avocados often weigh in over 10 ounces. A common commercial varietal their flesh is light and creamy (A type flower). 

Zutano: Shiny yellow-green skin gives this slightly earlier avocado away. Of medium size & with a nice pear shape they offer light colored flesh (B type flower). 

For best fruit production ensure you live in a neighborhood with a few other avocado trees OR plant an avocado of both A type and B type flowers. Avocados bloom and receive pollen during different cycles of daylight hours depending on their flower type. Read more about it on our blog here. Of course there's also the dwarf Littlecado which offers both types of flowers ingenious!  

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