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Alt Lawn Ultra - Native Succulent Groundcover Plug Pack

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California Native Grasses
White Flowers
California Native Grasses
AKA: Lippia nodiflora, Phyla nodiflora, Verbena nodiflora, Frogfruit, Turkey Tangle, etc.

There's really only one native spreading groundcover that currently works as a full-coverage lawn alternative. Luckily, it’s the most Waterwise option to date! 

Meet the Starter Pack

This pack comes with enough plugs to comfortably fill in 100 sq.ft. over 1-2 months (sometimes slower if temps are below 60 degrees farenheit). You can space them up to 5-8' if you're in no rush for many times the coverage at a fraction of the price. This is a great way to test Alt Lawn Ultra to see if it's right for your landscape. Or to cover large slopes or utility areas without much care. Easiest to establish with sprinkler irrigation plugs are also drip irrigation friendly. Where rainfall is generous no irrigation may be necessary. 

Alt Lawn Ultra is a succulent California Native Groundcover

This varietal of Phylla is a sterile groundcover that charms bees, grows low and goes months without water in the cool season. Recently hybridized in Japan to prevent aggressive spreading, it's currently just catching on in California. Alt Lawn Ultra is an exceptional pollinator habitat, stays 1-3” high, and roots 10' deep to survive drought. Can grow up steep banks and unusual mounds. In most parts of California Phylla nodiflora requires little to no winter watering after the first year and can survive  on 1x weekly waterings; greens up with 2-3...

Rebate Qualifier: The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has deemed Alt Lawn Ultra groundcover as a rebate qualifying lawn alternative. Apply now! Click here for our rebate guide


Delivered in trays of  72, plugs fill-in to full coverage in as little as 6-8 weeks in warm seasons. If planted Nov-Feb they will not start spreading until temperatures warm. They are easiest to install with a bulb auger drill bit. 

Plugs are delivered Wednesdays ONLY, morning-midday. 

Care & Installation 

Weed - regularly in the first year. Nut sedge is most common weed problem in Southern California. 

Blooming - Phylla nodiflora produces a bee attracting flower, especially in Spring. Most customers love nursing our honeybees and don't find them bothersome. However, it's not right for everyone! 

NOT RECOMMENDED for homes with bees allergies or strong aversions.  

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