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  • Our Eaton Canyon package is thoughtfully crafted for sage lovers. Inhale the heady pungent clouds of the sacred aromatic plant as it wafts off the dry earth to transport you into the foothills and valleys of the San Gabriel and Santa Barbara Mountains. Here, a foliage of dry, earth-toned flowers meets glittery silvers and soft blue-greys.

    The Eaton Canyon box is ideal for those adverse to traditional landscaping, preferring the height of our wild collection and promising less maintenance, drought tolerance, and of course, California native.

  • Sunset Zone: 14-17, 19-24

    Native to: 100% California

    Habitat: Chaparral, Foothills, Coastal Mountains

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Year-round

    Fragrance: Sage, Sweet

    Uses: Culinary Herb, Medicinal

    Water Needs: Very Low

    Soil Needs: Good Drainage i.e. slope, gravel, rocky, fast-draining

  • Small (100-200 sq.ft.)
    California Sagebrush*
    White Sacred Sage
    Purple Sage
    Sticky Monkey Flower
    Santa Barbara Daisy
    California fuchsia
    Chalk Lettuce*

    Medium (500-750 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND
    Century Agave
    California Buckwheat* 
    Wild Sunflower

    Large (1500-2,000 sq.ft.) 
    All of the Above AND
    California Holly Gold
    Blue Sage


    *Plants subject to seasonal availability. Substituted with species of similar form and function where needed