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  • Weaving along a creek bed trail deep in Orange County's Saddleback Mountains you stumble upon a beautiful grove. You draw near it passing agaves that stand 10' tall like sentinels. You look up and see a canopy dripping with fruit: figs, currants, wild grape and intensely spicy bay leaves. Yeah, you could make this your backyard. 

  •  A lusher ecology that occurs naturally in partly shaded canyons and riverbeds, this garden prefers seasonal drenching with water. 

  • Sunset Zone: 16-17, 19-24

    Native to: 90% California Native 5% Mexican Native

    Habitat: Valley, Riparian, Creekbed

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Winter-Spring

    Fragrance: Menthol, Herbal

    Uses: Wildlife, Edible

    Water Needs: Moderate to Reuglar

    Sun: Part Shade, Shade

    Soil Needs: Excellent Drainage

  • Small (125-175 sq.ft.)
    Coast Silk Tassel
    Canyon Sunflower
    Mexican Lobelia
    Hummingbird Sage
    Alpine Strawberry
    Canyon Sunflower

    Medium (500-750 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND
    Mission Fig
    California Bay Laurel
    Golden Currant
    St. John's Wort

    Large (1,600-2,000 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND
    Bush Anemone
    Giant Agave
    Creeping Mahonia
    Wild Grape
    Wild Honeysuckle