Brings the early California cabin vibes.  Like you're weaving along a creek bed and stumble upon a beautiful grove. Agaves standing 10' tall. A leafy canopy dripping with fruit: figs, currants, wild grape and intensely spicy bay leaves. Yeah, you could make this your backyard. 
A lusher ecology that occurs naturally in partly shaded canyons and riverbeds, this garden prefers seasonal drenchings with water. 

Small (covers 150 sq.ft.)
Canyon Sunflower
Mexican Lobelia
Golden Currant
Hummingbird Sage
Oregon Grape
Canyon Sunflower

Medium (300 sq.ft.)
All of the Above AND
Mission Fig
California Bay Laurel
Giant Agave
Deer Grass
St. John's Wort

Large (500-700 sq.ft.)
All of the Above AND
Bush Anemone
Giant Agave
Coast Silk Tassel
Wild Grape
Wild Honeysuckle

Sunset Zone: 16-17, 19-24

Native to: 90% California Native 5% Mexican Native

Habitat: Valley, Riparian, Creekbed

Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

Blooms: Winter-Spring

Fragrance: Menthol, Herbal

Uses: Wildlife, Edible

Water Needs: Moderate to Reuglar

Sun: Part Shade, Shade

Soil Needs: Excellent Drainage