Trabuco Canyon Plant Pack
Prepper's Pantry Designer Food Forest Garden
Trabuco Canyon Plant Pack
Trabuco Canyon Plant Pack
Prepper's Pantry Designer Food Forest Garden
Trabuco Canyon Plant Pack
Prepper's Pantry Designer Food Forest Garden
Trabuco Canyon Plant Pack
Trabuco Canyon Plant Pack
Prepper's Pantry Designer Food Forest Garden
*plants shown at full maturity and in full bloom*

Prepper's Pantry Designer Food Forest Garden

Full Size Plants Delivered to Your Driveway
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  • Medium
  • Large
Exact sizes & varietals fluctuate with Seasonal Availability

Brings the early California cabin vibes.  Like you're weaving along a creek bed and stumble upon a beautiful grove. Agaves standing 10' tall. A leafy canopy dripping with fruit: figs, currants, wild grape and intensely spicy bay leaves. Yeah, you could make this your backyard. 
A lusher ecology that occurs naturally in partly shaded canyons and riverbeds, this garden prefers seasonal drenchings with water. 


Small (covers 150 sq.ft.)
Canyon Sunflower
Mexican Lobelia
Golden Currant
Hummingbird Sage
Oregon Grape
Canyon Sunflower

Medium (300 sq.ft.)
All of the Above AND
Mission Fig
California Bay Laurel
Giant Agave
Deer Grass
St. John's Wort

Large (500-700 sq.ft.)
All of the Above AND
Bush Anemone
Giant Agave
Coast Silk Tassel
Wild Grape
Wild Honeysuckle

Every Plant Pack comes with an easy-to-adapt Rectangular Layout Plan delivered to your inbox. 

Sunset Zone: 16-17, 19-24

Native to: 90% California Native 5% Mexican Native

Habitat: Valley, Riparian, Creekbed

Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

Blooms: Winter-Spring

Fragrance: Menthol, Herbal

Uses: Wildlife, Edible

Water Needs: Moderate to Reuglar

Sun: Part Shade, Shade

Soil Needs: Excellent Drainage


Free Curbside Delivery on orders over $400.
$39 Curbside Delivery for orders under $400.
Southern California and Suburburan Northern California / Weekdays ONLY 
You must be home to recieve plant orders. 
A 2-hour delivery window will be provided to you the evening before.*

*dependent on availability*

How to Plan Your Landscape

What do I have to do to get ready?
Prep your soil. You want to ensure your dirt is ripe n' ready for its new plant friends! Most of our plant packs need soil with good drainage and a lot like extra compost or worm castings too. Soil needs are noted in the specifications section of each plant pack. 
What size do I need?
If your yard is small bust out that tape measure! If not, download Google Earth and try the ruler tool to get the lengths you need to calculate rough square footage. 

Most plant packs can cover double the square footage if you like a very generous spacing between plants. We prefer to plant close to keep down weeds & support beneficial soil life. 
How long does it take?
Get your soil prep done before your plants arrive. And plan so you can plant plants within 36 hous of delivery. Keep them out of direct sun until planting if its hot. 

Every plant takes around 5 minutes to dig the hole for, water in and plant. We recommend having some friends or family over to help with medium-large pacakges. Try tempting them with barbecue!   
What about irrigation?
A few of our packages are hand waterable (especially if you just have a small garden) but we do recommend setting up or using an existing irrigation system wherever possible to give your yard the greasted chance of success. Drip is preferred!
Can my Gardener do my Install?
100% any landscaper familiar with native or drought tolerant plants can prep your soil, plant your plants, mulch and setup irrigation for your preplanned garden. 

Trying showing them a sample plan first to make sure they're familiar with some of the plant varieties. 
What about pathways and mulch? 
We LOVE mulch. It helps retain water, improve soil drainage, keep weeds at bay and - in the right depths & blends - cool the earth. 

Each garden package comes with mulch or pathway material recommendations. Our LARGE garden layouts include an access pathway in their square footage. 
What about maintenance?
All gardens need love to thrive but some much more than others! We've designed our gardens around evolving into low-maintenance little eco paradises. 

They'll need some extra monitering & weeding while getting to know your yard in the first 1-2 years. Once they're all grown up they'll occassionally need some fresh nutrients, mulch or trimming (when flowers fade or a branch fails just cut-off the dead stuff). 

You can leave it up to a gardener but we have a feeling you won't mind doing it yourself because you'll be so in love.

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