Happiness is Growing

Plants Bring Peace. Wild gardens are great escapes. Places we return to the joy of tending the earth and the majestic growth she supports.  

Gardens Save the Planet. Reduce water and fossil fuel waste, repair habitat, localize food production AND moderate climate change... in your own backyard! 

Beautiful & Easy.  Wild gardens are gorgeously unbridled. So they need less care to look great. Wild gardens are wildlife friendly. So they come alive with butterflies and birds.

Wild gardens are made from natural-looking plant combinations that are good for the enviornment AND good for the soul. 


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different plant varieties featured


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Summer Strong

HOT plants for hot days! These low-water wonders hold up to the heat.

Meet Our Founder

Who are you? 

Hi! I'm Briana Lyon
 I'm an artist, ecology designer and, dare I say it, plant priestess. I think there's way better things in store for California's yards than lawns and roses. Want to help me grow them? 

What's an Ecology Designer?

I'm helping to create landscapes that will last through uncertain climates & gently turn the tides. 

I paint with a palette of plants to make wild gardens. Gardens that mimic natural ecologies & benefit people. How? By being awe-inspiringly beautiful, edible, low-water and low-maintenance. 

Is it true you believe in fairies? 

100% I think mushrooms are fairies.  

About California Wild

How it All Began

California Wild Gardens was born one misty morning in the Malibu wilderness...