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We love nature. And we think you do too! That's why we're delivering wild gardens that you can buy online and install at home yourself. 

What do you mean wild? We mean unbridled beauty. We mean wildlife friendly. We mean natural-looking plant combo's that are GOOD for the environment.

How GOOD for the environment? Ever wanted to reduce water and fossil fuel waste, repair habitat AND localize food production? Yeah, well we've created a way that you can... in any old yard!    


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Cali, NOW is the time to plant your yard.

Southern California gardens are best planted Nov-May. You CAN plant all year but you're plants will be A LOT happier if you plant a minimum of 5 weeks before heat waves.

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Who are you? 

I'm an artist and ecology designer who thinks there's WAY better things in store for California's yards than lawns and roses. 

What's an ecology designer?

A chic permaculture landscape designer. I design industry-changing gardens, ones that mimic natural ecologies. I believe plants are key tools for rebuilding our environment (aka saving THE PLANET). 

Like you, I didn't know a lot about gardening or ecology. Then I moved from L.A. to the eco-freak hub of Vancouver, Canada and realized I needed to learn AND give L.A. an environmental facelift ASAP. Putting great eco-savvy gardens out there and helping you learn how to care for them is how I'm doin' just that!

Is it true you believe in fairies? 

100% I think mushrooms are fairies.  

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Spring Fruit Trees

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