California Plant Packs 
& Native Lawns

Tastefully curated Plant Packages & luxuriously low-water Sod
from local growers to your driveway. 

A New way to Landscape in Southern California 

Lushness Delivered

Fresh Blends - Full-size plants in smart combo's. DIY or hire out, we send install plans to your inbox & plants to your driveway. 
  • Low-Water
  • Locally Grown
  • Long Blooming
  • Habitat Repairing

How to Plan Your Landscape

What do I have to do to get ready?
Prep your dirt. Without getting your soil ready your plants will be high maintenance lil buggers. Expect to spend a little extra money or time getting and turning in ammendments like compost, cactus soil and worm castings. You'll get a handy soil prep guide & shopping list with purchase. 
How long does it take?
We recommend being done with your Soil Prep well before your plants arrive then planting them within 24-48 hours from delivery. It takes 5 minutes per plant to plant it so have a few capable people in your circle help out if you're buying a medium or large package. Tempt them with barbecue.   
What about irrigation?
A few of our packages are hand waterable (especially if you just have a small garden) but we do recommend setting up or using an existing irrigation system wherever possible to give your yard the greasted chance of success. 
Can my Gardener do my Install?
100% any landscaper familiar with native or drought tolerant plants can easily prep install and irrigate your preplanned garden for you. (They may try to sell you on cheaper plants but they won't have our innovative plant pairing methods).
What about pathways and mulch? 
We LOVE mulch. It helps retain water, improve soil drainage, keep weeds at bay and - in the right combination - cool the earth. 

Each garden package comes with mulch or pathway material recommendations. Our LARGE garden layouts include an access pathway in their square footage. 
What about maintenance?
All gardens need love to thrive but some much more than others! We've designed our gardens around evolving into low maintenance little eco paradises. 

They'll need some extra love while getting to know your yard in the first 1-2 years. Once they're all grown up they'll occassionally need some additions of compost or mulch and look and grow best when you trim off spent flower stalks and dead branches.