Inner Sanctum
Mission Medium Plant Pack
Inner Sanctum
Inner Sanctum
Mission Medium Plant Pack
Inner Sanctum
*plants in artwork shown at full maturity and full bloom*

Inner Sanctum

Preplanned gardens are plant blends with panache. They've a passion for growing in the dirt, making love to the birds and the bees and prettying up any spot they land in. 
  • Tiny (covers 50 sq.ft.)
  • Small (covers 150 sq.ft.)
  • Medium (covers 300 sq.ft.)
  • Large (covers 500-700 sq.ft.)
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An updated version of the mediterranean gardens that adorned the missions and crumbling adobe walls of early California. From the start of the colonists these plants have become essential pieces of our landscaping.  

Tiny (covers 50 sq.ft.) 
Dwarf olive
Kangaroo Paw
White Muhly Grass
Carpet Rosemary
Wooly thyme

Small (covers 150 sq.ft.) 
All of the Above AND 
Boule Rosemary
Yellow Iris
White Rose

Medium (covers 300 sq.ft.) 
All of the Above AND
Dwarf Olive
Star of Madeira
Tuscan Rosemary 

Large (covers 500-750 sq.ft.)
All of the Above AND 
Fruitless Olive Tree
Mission Fig
Dwarf Meyer Lemon
Dwarf Orange Tree


Sunset Zone: 18-24 

Habitat: Mediterranean

Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

Blooms: Year-round

Fragrance: Citrus & sage

Uses: Edible

Water Needs: Low-Moderate

Soil Needs: Improved Drainage


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