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Citrus is out...Here's what you can Plant instead

Citrus is out...Here's what you can Plant instead

Wondering where to buy lemon trees, orange, lime and grapefruit trees? In Los Angeles citrus is basically a black market item. Where once I could pick up a gorgeous 6' foot box orange tree for $200 now I had to scour the inland empire for one half the size at twice the price! 

Now that citrus has been under quarantine (just like us except for the last 5 years!) in much of Southern California, not only is finding a good specimen a challenge but moving it without a license can come with a hefty fine.  

where to buy lemon trees and orange trees in los angeles

But there is SOME good news. A number of smaller nurseries (like Boulevard Nursery in Pasadena last I checked),  still carry 5 gallon citrus trees and smaller specimens in bigger pots. These can often grow FASTER than trees that start larger because their roots don't take as long as big trees to recover from planting. 

So grab what you can find! Or think about any number of these awesome low-water fruit trees that grow well in Southern California - and sometimes, pack a sour punch: 

  • Guava (Mexican guava is sour, pink Hawaiian & pineapple guava sweeter)
  • Fig (celestial has a softer flavor)
  • Pomegranate (nice n sour)
  • Persimmon (just sweet n jammy when ripe)

Or try some more exotic fruits...

  • Cherimoya
  • Sapote (white is milder, red is sweeter)
  • Mango (slow to start but big trees & big crops once established)
  • Mulberry (massive super fast growing trees but great healthful berries)

Whether you're dead set on citrus - don't be afraid to start small! - or down to try something new.... planting fruit trees will pack your yard with powerful environmental benefits. 

Looking for full-size plants in L.A. with easy curbside delivery?




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