Native, Edible & Low-Water

California Preplanned gardens have arrived! Big good-looking bundles of drought-tolerant plants delivered to your home. With install plans & tutorials in your inbox.  

"About time someone started doing this! Well played!

     - Alex, Highland Park

15-100 Plants per Package

Get the plants that grow best in your climate AND are the best for your habitat. Designs with the vibe of Architectural Digest and the flavor of California's wild.

"It was super easy and super structured for me to be able to get my plants and design in one place and then put everything together in my own backyard!" 

    - Dani, Anaheim

"It was so fun to get the plants delivered to my home and so convenient considering the amount I need to landscape my backyard."

- Kaitlyn, Santa Ana

3 Steps to a New Yard

1. MEASURE: your future garden site. Write down the rough size how much sun it gets. Grab the dirt. Is it soft? sandy? So hard you can't get a finger in? Pick a package that's compatible

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2. ORDER: your plant pack. Plan your install (are you DIY'ing or hiring a pro?). Purchaseschedule delivery for after your site's prepped with a lil tilling + a lot of healthy compost.

For soil prep guidelines Click Here

3. PLANT: Get your greenery growing with our easy-install plans + irrigation guides. For bonus points mulch 1-2" deep after planting with wood chips, leaves, DG or good-looking gravel.

For irrigation guidelines Click Here

A Great Garden is at your Fingertips...

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Every California Wild Preplanned Garden you is drought tolerant (excluding Old School Orchard). And, with proper installation, a number of them can be irrigated irregularly by hand after they've gotten their roots down (6-12 months).


Plant blends that are adapted to California's seasonally dry weather. AND that work for the birds and the bees. Our plants serve butterflies, pollinators, and microorganisms by restoring wild habitats and soil integrity. Not to mention helping to reverse climate change through smart ecology design. 


Plant the look of California's future. Ditch the manicured madness and grow a garden that is blissfully wild and beautifully styled. Lawns aren't all out (though personally we prefer low-water alternatives) BUT sexy diverse shrub edgings are seriously in!