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What's a Plant Pack?

What's Included
  • 15-65 Individual Plants
  • 5-15 Different Plant Varieties  
  • Curbside Delivery
  • Install Guide 
  • Design Plans to your inbox
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    • Low-Water
    • Locally Grown
    • Long Blooming
    • Habitat Repairing

    Make Your Garden Glow

    Get your Garden Glow
    Beautiful wild environments feed our souls and the planet's. Now you can put one in your own backyard.
    Make a Difference
    Caring for sustainable plants is caring for our future. When the right plants are grown in the right regions they help stabilize the climate. 
    Serene Escape Out Your Door
    Gardens are an instant escape. Fresh, fragrant and alive. An ever-changing sanctuary. Adding one to your landscape ensures you always have somewhere to getaway to. Even if its just for a few minutes.  
    Effortlessly Grow Some Food 
    We sneak a few edible or medicinal plants into every plant package. You can rest easy knowing there's always something green out back (just in case you ever need it).

    California Plant Packs

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    What do I have to do to get ready?
    Prep your soil. You want to ensure your dirt is ripe n' ready for its new plant friends! Most plant packs want good drainage and a little extra compost or worm castings. Soil needs are noted in the specifications section of each plant package. 
    What size do I need?
    If your yard is small bust out that tape measure! If not, download Google Earth and try the ruler tool to estimate the square footage you need. 

    HOT TIP:  you can double the coverage of a plant pack if you like a roomy look (big spaces between plants). We keep it tight to suppress weeds & support root networks. 
    How long does it take?
    Every plant takes around 5 minutes to dig the hole for, water in and plant. We recommend having some friends or family over to help with medium-large pacakges. Try tempting them with barbecue!   

    Remember to have your soil prep done before your plants arrive.  
    What about irrigation?
    A few of our packages are hand waterable (especially if you just have a small garden) but we do recommend setting up or using an existing irrigation system wherever possible to give your yard the greasted chance of success. Drip is preferred!
    Can my Gardener do it?
    You bet! Any landscaper familiar with native or drought tolerant plants can prep your soil, plant your sod or plants, mulch and setup irrigation for your preplanned garden. 

    Try showing them your design plan first to make sure they're familiar with some of the plant varieties. 
    What about pathways and mulch? 
    We LOVE mulch. It helps retain water, improve soil drainage, keep weeds at bay and - in the right depths & blends - cool the earth. 

    Each garden package comes with mulch or pathway material recommendations. Our LARGE garden layouts include an access pathway in their square footage. 
    What about maintenance?
    All gardens need love to thrive but some much more than others! We've designed our gardens around evolving into low-maintenance little eco paradises. 

    They'll need some extra monitering & weeding while getting to know your yard in the first 1-2 years. Once they're all grown up they'll occassionally need some fresh nutrients, mulch or trimming (when flowers fade or a branch fails just cut-off the dead stuff). 

    You can leave it up to a gardener but we have a feeling you won't mind doing it yourself because you'll be so in love.
    California's best lawn alternative 

    Soccer?Dog? Np.


    Never mowed. Watered once a week. Yeah, we said once.

    Make Your Garden Glow

    Bye-Bye Mow & Blow
    Love waking up to the sound of lawn mowers? Who does?! We LOVE our gardeners, we hate fossil fuel waste and noise pollution. So we sell lawns and groundcovers that don't require it.  
    Hello Wild Fire Safety
    Ensure your home is better protected. 5 or more yards of irrigated lawn around your house seriously helps protect it in a wildfire.
    From 25-50% water savings over conventional lawn. Our California native lawns & groundcovers are designed to go semi-dormant in drought then regreen when more water's available.
    SoCal Lawns that hold up to pets, your lawn parties and whatever else your life can throw at them! Non-toxic plants aplenty. 

    Eco-Friendly Lawn & Groundcover

    rollin' in California Lawn Love

    California Wild Gardens

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