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We care about getting sustainable plants in your yard.

Wild Gardens may sound like a sprinkle of random seeds. But as famed landscape architect Piet Oudolf  has shown the better wild gardens look the more people will love and care for them. And with a climate evolving faster than anyone can keep track of we need these plants to be resilient too. Whether water-saving, habitat repairing or food producing, we bring you big beautiful blends of functional plants. For a yard you can love (and keep alive) through it all.

Our plant packs are designed to be different and don't work like other preplanned garden services. Instead of tiny plants in fedex’d boxes we send full-size locally grown ones on big trucks. Scroll on for the full overview.

              Get a Whole Garden in one fell swoop.

                        Award-winning Naturalistic Designs

Enjoy our natural-looking garden designs every time you look our your window. Whole Gardens feature plants that blend beautifully, save water, support habitat (or pollinators), repair soils and are non-invasive. So you'll have a garden that grows fast and grows on you while helping regrow the planet too!

Fill-in takes around 1 year for blended plant packages and 2-3 for native ones, we're always here to answer questions and make sure you're happy with your new garden. We even offer free touch-ups at one year of age to select customers. Get the satisfaction of being a part of the design process and discovering what new plants are blooming out your door. Every package comes with at least 30 plants and a custom tweak or 2. Many large packages deliver over 100 plants! We recommend getting help for large packages, unless you don't mind spending more than a few weekends solo planting.

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Schedule your delivery at checkout. We do our best to provide a 3-4 business day turn around but some exceptions apply (due to daily fluctuations in grower availability). Weekday delivery only.

Make sure you can be home or have help on hand for delivery day. Driver's typically need an in person contact - or a helping hand - to move plant material on site. Trucks are large, if your site has access issues a drop point may be utilized.

DELIVERY ETA'S: 2-hour delivery windows are provided the afternoon before wherever possible. Plant drops typically occur within the hours of 6:30 AM -2:30 PM

Once you've decided on your plant pack or lawn it's time to plan your install. We do not offer install services at this time.

Decide whether to DIY or hire a crew. Plants ideally go in the ground within 48 hours of arrival (for DIY'ers plants can safely be stored up to 2 weeks if placed in part shade, watered regularly and temps are reasonable).

An install crew will make quick work of even a large order. If you're working solo, enlist family or friends to get it done in a weekend... or plan on it taking 2.

SMALL: 25- 50 Total Plants (25-35 x 4" - 1 gallon plants / 3-5 x 5 gallon plants). Grows to 3-5' high.

MEDIUM: 40-75 Total Plants (30-60 x 4" to 1 gallons / 6-15 x 5 gallons). Grows to 5-7' high.

LARGE : 60-120 Total Plants (50-100 x 4" to 1 gallons / 7-15 x 5 gallons / 3-8 x 15 gallons). Grows to 5-25' high.

Why so much variation? Every pack is a little different. Some mostly feature plants that grow 1-3 feet in size and others have lots of shrubs that grow 5-10 feet. i.e. Superbloom Selfie has the most total plants (mostly grasses and small flowers). Natural Lilac has the least (many large shrubs that grow best when started small). Substitutions: 1-3 species in many designs (especially native ones) are often substituted due to the HUGE daily fluctuations of local grower availability. You get to approve any swaps. Or let us know if you'd rather have more of something else.

Grass & shrub centric gardens fill-in around %85 in as little as 1 year (even 6 months if planted in earliest spring). Shade gardens or those with more trees and spreading natives take 2-3 years to reach maturity. Some natives are slower to set root but take off FAST after apparently doing nothing the 1st year. New trees can often take 3-5 years to take on their desired architecture (contact us to special order large specimens)

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