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California Native Fescue - Festuca Californica / rubra / occidentalis Lawn Sod

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California Native Grasses
California native grasses

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WARM SEASON PLANTING (cut in half for Nov-Feb plantings):

First 7-14 Days: 2x Day / First 2-4 Weeks: 1x Day / First 4-8 Weeks: 1x Day / Next 3 Months: 3x Week


WINTER: no irrigation

SPRING: 1-4 x a month

SUMMER/FALL: 1-2 x a week*

(*see guide for more details)

California Native Grasses
California native grasses

Native Fescue 

California Fescue Grasses, Hillside Fine Fescue, Festuca californica, Festuca rubra, Festuca occidentalis, Native Mow-Free,  etc. 

​California's native fescue lawn grasses are the best no-mow lawn alternative for mild summer, partially shaded or sloped locations. This grass is a beautiful deep green hue and has beautiful fine blades that do not require mowing. Its root mat easily chokes out weeds but is safe for being planted close to tree trunks and roots (even California Live Oaks). 

In hot climates, and full sun exposures native fescues require irrigation on par with conventional lawn. Especially in their first year while they are still growing their deep roots. In winters they prefer little to no supplemental irrigation. And in cool temperate or coastal climates their irrigation needs can be significantly lowered.

Native Fescue is the best California lawn option for areas that are unmaintained and receive low foot traffic. It makes a great ornamental lawn in between pavers and edging walkways. But it is not tolerant of sports, frequent foot traffic or dogs.  

    • Great for Accent Lawns

    • Works Under Trees (even Live Oaks)

    • Handles up to %75 Shade

    • Light - Moderate foot traffic

    • Not dog-friendly

This no-mow meadow lawn is long, soft and sweepy. With finer blades than other native ornamental grass. 

VIDEO ABOVE: California Silver - Native Fescue Lawn in fall in a South-facing L.A. frontyard

It works well for long-term naturalizing in USDA zones 3-8. In Northern California Native Fescue is typically suitable for almost any sun exposure, except for inland areas with prolonged summer heat waves. 

Native Fescue sod is comprised of a blend of grass strains native to many regions of North America that've been hybridized, naturalized or become native to California. It typically requires 50% of the water of conventional lawns when planted in shade. Most water savings coming from it's low needs for irrigation in winter.  


Fescue sods prefer to be irrigated at night and will suffer visible stress or illness if watered during the heat of the day. In extremely hot periods multiple evening irrigations are recommended to maintain verdancy.


Infrequent mowing to 6" in height can refresh it in cool seasons on years where this is needed. 

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Around one week. Select your preferred delivery date at checkout and we'll do our best to make it happen! Please note: Alta Lawn Ultra - Kurapia Groundcover plugs are delivered on Wednesdays only.

Kurapia & California Meadow products come in sod or plugs. Plugs are small plants that you plant every square foot with the help of a bulb auger drill bit. Sod is like a green carpet you roll out and apply heavy pressure to bond with soil.

Kurapia grows very slowly when temperatures are cool, so rarely spreads much at all from late November to about February. If you're thinking you'd like to do plugs, just be advised that you will have to wait a little extra (and weed regularly in the mean time) for it to fill in fully. Sod on the other hand gives instant coverage

California Meadow on the other hand has a mix of warm and cool season grasses so will fill-in at about the same rate most times of year. Though in general most plants spread faster with generous warmth.

Plugs are spaced at 12" but you can space further (just lower your squre footage order) if you're not in a rush. Or want to fill in with something else later. We have a 200 sq.ft. minimum on all lawn options. Orders under 400 sq.ft. are subject to a slight price increase to accomodate current shipping rates.

More or less the same as regular sod or lawn except with less fertilizer. Here's some basic guidelines:

Remove Nasties: Pull out weeds, stumps & any plants you don’t want
Loosen ‘er Up: Use a shovel or tiller to loosen the top 4-6 inches of soil. If you have sandy or uncompacted soil this isn't necessary.
Groom: Remove smaller rocks & roots. clean it up so it’s smooth and buttery as possible.
Rake-in Amendments: Rake a light dressing of organic compost, lime &/or Mycorrhizae evenly across
the ground.
Wet soil: to a minimum of 6” deep to before laying down your sod. This will give a nice moist surface for the roots to bond with when lain down.

Irrigation requirements: sprinkler irrigation is recommended for all sod and most plug products (except in shadey or passively irrigated conditions). Hand-watering not recommended

The first 2 weeks establishment requires multiple daily waterings. First month's establishment progresses to once a day watering. Then reduce to a regular 2x a week watering schedule (more may be required if planting in hot times of year). Native grasses typically need 2x a week waterings for heat waves in Southern California. Kurapia survives on 1x a week watering in times of water shortages but looks better with 2.

About half of these lawns require no winter irrigation! Contact us for details.

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