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Where do you Ship?

We've expanded! We are now delivering to: 

    All of Los Angeles, Camarillo, Santa Barbara, Greater Orange County, Inland Empire, Greater San Diego, Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Greater San Jose, Sacramento and Chico. Curious if we can get plants to you? Contact us by Clicking Here.  
    Click Here to Get all the details on our Shipping & Refund Policy. 

How Does it Work?


We bring you the sod, flats or plants direct from the local growers along with an install and irrigation guide to your inbox. Unless you're installing 300 sq.ft. or less we recommend hiring a gardener for all lawn sod. Groundcover plugs and flats are less specialized but still a lot of work for larger square footages.  

If you want to do DIY installation: groom your soil, amend it lightly (much less than what's required for conventional lawns) and rent a lawn roller (a large metal drum with water in it to ensure the grassroots make good contact with the ground) to get your new grass in the ground.

Sod is shipped on palettes in rolls and unloaded with forklift machinery curbside or onto your driveway. Sod rolls and flats are then moved with a wheelbarrow to your planting location. Sod MUST BE protected from harsh sun and planted (or lightly sprayed and moved to a fully shaded location) within 36 hours or it may start to brown.


We bring you the plants direct from California growers and deliver layout plans AND install guides to your inbox. You find and coordinate your gardener or DIY and plant yourself. Set your delivery date anywhere from 5 to 30 days from time of purchase.

Want to install yourself? Get Our Soil Prep Guide by Clicking Here

We recommend being home on the date of delivery so you can decide if you want to send any plants back. This is the only time you can get a refund. If you cannot be there, your gardener or someone you trust needs to be to sign off on delivery reciept. See our detailed shipping and refund policy by clicking here. 

Can I Customize a Plant Pack?

We offer one free substitution with every plant pack. Further plan customizations typically start at around $300 per plan. 

**Exact plant quantities, sizes and plant varietals are subject to change with seasonally availability.** We always keep overall aesthetic, rebate requirements and the style of every plant package at heart when making substitutions due to availability. 

What Size are the Plants?

Our Tiny and Small plant packages include 4" sized plants and 1 gallon sized plants (click here for more on what plant sizes mean). In winter and very early spring many native plants are dormant so may not have leaves until weather warms. Our Medium and Large plant packages include 10-15% 5 gallon and 15 gallon plants (sometimes there's a few 5 gallons in our small packages too!). 15 gallons are usually trees or very large shrubs.

If you are planting your plant pack yourself please contact us and we will reduce the number of large sized potted plants - and give you extra small ones - to make install more enjoyable (unless you have perfect easy to dig soil of course...)

While smaller sized plants may look a little less impressive at time of planting, it's actually much better for the growth rate and the longevity of the plant to start with smaller sizes (excluding some very slow growing plants like olive and bay tree).

What About Water?

All of our preplanned gardens are drought tolerant (excluding some edible packages) which means they can survive periods without water in cases of extreme drought *ONCE* established. Establishment (when plants are getting their roots set in the ground) typically takes 1-2 years. 

Some of our plant packages can also survive with little to no supplementary water once established. You can trial hand watering to see how the garden, and your lifestyle takes to it. For those that require more consistent watering we recommend installing drip (best done after all the plants are planted anyways).

When Should I Order?

We require a minimum of 3 days notice for delivery but can schedule as far out as 30 days. Delivery available on WEEKDAYS ONLY. Go ahead and order whenever you like and just let us know if you need to change your delivery date.

How Long Does it Take to GROW In?
Our gardens look great in as little as 6-9 months! They take anywhere from 1-3 years to fully fill in.  Trees take a little longer. But once things get going, get ready because our sun filled climate can turn flowers and shrubs into blooming machines.


Should I install myself or hire a landscaper?

DIY'ers: We know you’re out there. You want to get totally wild and do it yourself. No problem! Digging holes is a great way to get fit (see our hole digging handbook here). Or you rent an electric shovel from your local home depot (here) … just look out for those tree roots! They may take an axe… or just dig around them if you want to save your big shading buddy.  

OR Hire a Landscaper

Gardens & landscapers are at the ready to install our pre-planned gardens. Check out our ever-growing list of locally recommended installers: Hire-a-landscaper or ask your local mow & blower if he knows anybody. 


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