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    A curated blend of drought tolerant and native plants with colorful and seasonal flare. Purple leaved redbud, deep-blue ceanothus and soft flowing grasses make this a truly graceful garden package. Butterfly attracting plants such as asclepius and salvia will turn your garden into a fluttering sanctuary. Fat juicy persimmons brighten the bare branches of winter.



  • Sunset Zone: 16-24

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Year-round

    Fragrance: Mild Sage

    Uses: Wildlife

    Water Needs: Low-Moderate

    Soil Needs: Improved Drainage

  • Small (covers 125-175 sq.ft.) 
    Forest Pansy Redbud
    Butterfly Weed
    Hot Lips Sage
    Blue Rye Grass
    Gold Muhly Grass
    Canyon Grey Sage
    White Morning Glory

    Medium (covers 500-750 sq.ft.) 
    All of the Above AND 
    Flannel Bush
    Dark Star Ceanothus
    Variegated Agave

    Large (covers 1,600-2,000 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND 
    Pink Dawn Desert Willow
    Flannel Bush

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