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  • The Drought-Tolerant Orchard package is the first of it’s kind where our users can grow their own food without a painfully pricy water bill. Guavas, avocados, citrus, pomegranate, passionfruit, dragon fruit, and more! Producing an exotic cornucopia of cooking and canning that never ceases. This package can be for your own use, or, has the volume potential for a little local produce peddling (frontyard by donation produce stand anyone?). The Orchard Garden is a California Wild pride and joy — an investment that shows in your lightened grocery bills as well as your wellness.
    These bounteous fruits are super resilient and adapt to long dry spells once established (1-2 years). All do need and will produce best with a little water (and some extra soil fertility), save for the dragonfruit! She is a true cactus! 


  • Sunset Zone: 16-17, 19-24

    Habitat: Various

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Winter-Summer

    Fragrance: Fruity & Floral

    Uses: Edible

    Water Needs: Low

    Soil Needs: Improved Drainage & Some Fertility

  • Small (100-200 sq.ft.) 
    California Strawberry
    Creeping Indigo
    Santa Barbara Daisy
    Greek Oregano
    Catclaw Acacia
    Mexican Bird of Paradise
    Dragon Fruit

    Medium (500-750 sq.ft.) 
    All of the Above AND 
    Avocado 'Fuerte' & 'Bacon'
    Pomegranate 'Wonder'
    Mandarin 'Kishu'

    Large (1,500-2,000 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND 
    Guava 'Mexican pink'
    Grapefruit 'oro blano'


Plant blooming chart