Fertile Crescent

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  • The Fertile Crescent Package is, you guessed it, inspired by the Fertile Crescent of the middle east, and one of the oldest known food forests in the world tucked away in an abandoned desert oasis in Egypt. This garden brings together North African, Persian and Middle Eastern favorites for a curious balance of delicate flavors and robust foliage.

    This handsome blend of drought-tolerant food producing trees and herbs, flowers and fruit survive with even less water when shaded by an overhead canopy of date palms [optional add-on] figs and pomegranates. Apricot, lime, laurel and sumac* balance out the blend.

  • Sunset Zone: 18-24

    Habitat: Mediterranean

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Spring-Summer

    Fragrance: Mint, Rose, Spice

    Uses: Edible & Culinary

    Water Needs: Low-Moderate

    Soil Needs: Improved Drainage & Fertility

  • Large (1500-2000 sq.ft.) 
    Apricot 'goldkist'
    Turkish Fig
    Lime 'bearss'
    Dwarf Sweet Bay Laurel 
    African Sumac
    Damask Rose
    Crimson Grape (seedless)
    Poet's Jasmine
    Wild Onion Lily
    Corsican Mint