Old School Orchard Plant Pack

Old School Orchard

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  • Sink into the blossoms of spring and the fruits of fall with this lavish collection of fruit trees, berry bushes & pollinator attracting flowers. Plums, nectarines, apples, oranges, grapes and persimmons will soon flow forth from your humble homestead with this exhilarating grocery-bill-reducing plant package. 

    This garden is only minimally drought tolerant but will become less thirsty once the shade canopy gets well-established, forming a full fairy-like orchard. 

  • Sunset Zone: 18-24

    Habitat: Various

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Spring & Winter

    Fragrance: Floral & Fruit

    Uses: Edible

    Water Needs: Moderate-Regular

    Soil Needs: Improved Fertility

  • Large (1600-2000 sq.ft.) 
    Currently One Size Only
    Apricot 'Blenheim'
    Apple 'Anna'
    Orange 'Navel'
    Persimmon 'Fuyu'
    Plum 'Burgundy'
    Quince 'Flowering'
    Lemon 'Eureka'
    Catclaw Acacia
    Kiwi Vine
    Grape Vine 'Flame Seedless'
    Raspberry 'Heritage'
    Santa Barbara Daisy
    Prostrate Rosemary
    Apple Mint
    Yarrow (white)
    Lemon Thyme