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  • A delicious treat for every taste bud. Perfect for tantalizing tea parties, canning cooperatives and appetizer accentuation, this garden package features plants that bear exciting theme ingredients for afternoon delights and dusk hour dinners. 

    Snack on appertifs touched with every variety of garden freshness in the golden glow of an LA sunset, string bulbs sparkling in the branches. Or make your own tea blends from a fantastic host of herbs. Complete with tasty seasonal fruits for party pastries & edible flowers to brighten cakes and salads


  • Sunset Zone: 16-24 

    Habitat: Forest margins

    Wildlife: Birds & Pollinators

    Blooms: Spring-summer

    Fragrance: Herbal

    Uses: Edible & Culinary

    Water Needs: Moderate

    Soil Needs: Improved Fertility

  • Large (covers 1,600-2,000 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND 
    Strawberry Tree
    Kaffir Lime
    Dwarf Kumquat
    Pineapple Guava
    Heritage Raspberry
    Lemon Verbena
    Pineapple Mint
    Carpet Rosemary
    Hummingbird Mint