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Xeric Modern Plant Pack

design plan + plants

Plant a succulent extravaganza out your door with this ultra low-water collection of plants. Sun-loving, sculptural and straightforward, this preplanned garden pairs well with rocks, modern feels and garden art. 

Hot yellow blossoms, sultry cactus talons and soft-hued succulents make for a truly climate friendly garden. These plants require excellent drainage but can survive with minimal watering (cactus featuring gardens even hand watering!) once established.  


Small (covers 150 sq.ft.): Firestick Plant, Barrel Cactus, Purple Echeveria, Dudleya, Blue Chalksticks, Blue Sedum  = 30 total plants

Medium (covers 300 sq.ft.): Firestick Plant, Barrel Cactus, Purple Echeveria, Dudleya, Blue Chalksticks + Dasilirion, Blue Agave, Knife-leaf Acacia, Hesperaloe = 45 total plants

Large (covers 500-700 sq.ft.): Firestick Plant, Barrel Cactus, Purple Echeveria, Snowball Echeveria, Blue Chalksticks, Dasilirion, Blue Agave, Knife-leaf Acacia, Mexican Bird of Paradise + Palo Verde Tree, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Desert Mallow = 70 total plants 

Large w/ Succulents Only: Knifeleaf Acacia, Black Aeonium, Saucer Aeonium, Tree or Large Aloe, SPotted Aloe, String of Buttons, Purple Echeveria, Lipstick Echeveria, Snowball Echeveria, Star of Madeira, Mediterranean Spurge, Hesperaloe, Paddle Plant, Lemon Sedum, Blue Chalksticks = 75 total plants


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