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Here's how to get CASH rebates for your Lawn Replacement in Sacramento, California

Here's how to get CASH rebates for your Lawn Replacement in Sacramento, California

Well, we were thrilled when our first ever Norcal customer told us this week her new Superbloom Selfie garden is being paid for by a City of Sacramento grant. After years of working on and off with Water$mart grants and seeing the funds run out it's exciting to see more places in California renewing these kinds of initiatives. 

You can apply RIGHT HERE -> Click here to apply for Sacramento Lawn Removal Rebate  before removing your lawn and ordering a qualifying product. 

*Image property of City of Sacramento River Friendly Landscape Program & Rebates

Which California Wild preplanned Gardens qualify? 

- From Malibu to Carmel Chaparral: summon coastal vibes in this inland heat-friendly garden featuring manzanitas, redbud trees, yarrows and other chaparral native grasses and wildflowers 

- Sage Rich:  Sacred dry mountain aromatics and washed out petal hues blend with the glittery silvers and blues of our native foothills. Low-water low-maintenance California native plants for a fragrant pollinator rich garden. 

- Superbloom Selfie: our Best-seller! Recreate a rare California wildflower ecosystem in your own back (or front!) yard. This garden is a native-inspired plant palette that produces incredible pops of vibrant color each Spring and dramatic waves of amber grasses each fall. 

- Xeric Modern: This stunning architectural plant collection puts a succulent extravaganza out your door. Ensure your soil has great drainage and water it just once a week in hot times of year.

- Wild Grassland: A tribute to California's diverse native grasslands.  Sweet, spicy sage crunches beneath the feet. Sumptuous, swaying grasses explode in fall plumage as wispy stalked flowers rise between. A whole slew of desert and rocky slope loving wildflowers intermix

- Royal Californian: Inspired by the classic California craftsman look these jewel-toned collection of bloomers flatters any homestead with a rich and sumptuous look.  

- A Long Walk in the Lilacs: This garden does best with NO WATER In summer for the majority of the shrubs. A true native splendor with gorgeous early spring plumes of wild lilacs. In every hue from white to deep blue purple. 

- St. Tropez Courtyard: Get the vibes of the mediterranean with the plants for California in this glorious green and white ensemble of sultry drought tolerant plants. Inspired by the clean and casual courtyard gardens of the South of


How Does it work? 

Document your current defunct landscaping. Apply for your rebate, order a plant pack and get your plant list and free-flowing layout plan to your inbox. We can adjust varietals (one substation free) according to your needs up to 48 hours before delivery. 

Get a drought tolerant garden delivered in California. Free designs!

How does shipping work?

We deliver directly from local wholesale growers to your driveway anywhere for 4-30 days from time of purchase according to your needs. You need to be home on delivery day to ensure receipt of your plants. 

Why do your products cost more in Northern California?

Unfortunately due to the costs of real estate in the greater Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose areas our wholesale plant growers charge a lot more per plant to make their businesses viable. 


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