3 Reasons why YOU should be gardening right now

Getting your hands dirty can offer HUGE benefits. And when you Garden the way nature intended (with sustainable, environmentally friendly plants) planting landscapes packs some added punches: 

1. It's GREAT for you: looking at plants has been shown to help benefit your IQ, improve your attention span and relieve stress.

"I was working as a hospital administrator in one of the hardest hits part of Los Angeles during the pandemic," said new California Wild garden owner Marisa, "and everyday I would come home and step outback and just ahhhh....feel at peace for the first time that day. It's my therapy." 

The other big perk for health? Food grown locally in a diverse habitat can have higher nutrients and added medicinal benefits. Fan of farm to table? How about yard to table?! Backyard produce often has more intense flavor, color and complexity than standardized store bought fruits and vegetables.  

2. It's GREAT for the planet: Growing the right plants for your climate reduces water waste, provides habitat for pollinators and supports endangered wildlife. PLUS it helps cool the climate. That's right! Good plants help cool the surrounding micro climate and store water in the soil. Meaning where you live, over time, the air becomes fresher & the temperature ever-so-slightly cooler.  

California pollinator plants

3. It's GREAT for your wallet: "Growing your own food is like printing your own money" according to world-renowned Permaculture expert Rob Avis. Fresh food is one of the most important ways we can improve both our own health and the health of the environment through localizing food production. Not to mention the fact that you can grow fruit varieties not purchasable in store and control all of the ingredients and supplements that go into producing them.   

So what's the fastest way to get started?

If you've got a yard put plants in it! Easy-to-care-for low-maintenance plants that are packed with environmental and health benefits like our Old School Orchard & Jewel Rich plant packs



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