Here's that TV show we're going to be on..... "Destination L.A." airing this January 2022 on CBS

We were SO excited back in March to be contacted by the Making it Media team behind Amazon Prime TV's Destination L.A. ! It's a modern-style show that features local cutting-edge businesses here in L.A. and the stories of the people behind them.  

Check out an Episode Here


California wild gardens featured on CBS 's "Destination L.A." on primetime

So in early May we went to one of our favorite client's gardens in Pasadena and filmed a few hours of awesome interviews, footage and suuuuper sexy spring plants.

The crew was amazing, the weather cooperated perfectly (yay! the ONE sunny afternoon in May) and we all had a ton of fun. It's all getting cut down into a 2.5 minute segment Hollywood-style but we get to be a centrally featured segment in the show. Quite flattered.   

Ultimate California Drought Tolerant Landscaping Spanish Mediterranean The pollinator's turned out. The purple and yellow blooms of Salvias, Lavender & Palo Verde's did their thing. And the fun little edible garden popped out with a ton of native California Currants. Here's a few pix: 

Stay tuned as we get closer to the air date and we'll keep you posted on what weekend to watch CBS to see it live and what links to click to stream it online shortly thereafter!

Airing this Fall 2021 on CBS, Amazon Prime TV & Instagram TV

Here's our founder Briana Lyon cleaning up a ripening fig tree (just before she cleaned off all the California native currants YUM!):

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