Our Story

Dreaming of California Wild Plants

How Nature Took Me

I was born and raised in East L.A. down the street from brushy hillsides & cactus patches. As a twist of University enrollment would have it, I ended up in the midst of a massive rainforest in one of the most health-conscious and environmentally aware cities in the world: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wild nature took me right in.  

TRUTH: Nature in Los Angeles is beat the f* up

Every few months I went home to L.A.: freeway, warehouse and palm tree covered L.A. Don't get me wrong - I've always loved palm trees - but nature is beat the f* up here (it doesn't have to be). There's a lot of ways we can make it stronger, healthier and more enjoyable for everyone.  

Small fixes

I started designing California landscapes in 2014. Drought tolerant, conscious, California native, edible gardens - you name the 'hippie' adjective I incorporated it. But I wasn't making a difference in L.A.'s overall environment. Single yards make a huge different BUT only in big numbers. 

YOU want to build YOUR garden 

California native landscaping in Los Angeles get closer to plants

Plus A LOT of my hipper clients wanted to be creating their own gardens deep down inside but didn't know how to repair their soil or what plants to plant. 

It's time to fix our Landscape 

My answer: California Wild. We are a local online retail service that aims to revolutionize the landscapes of California by shortcutting and eradicating the dated design conventions that have dominated our local living environments.

Landscape failures everywhere

Landscaping offers a unique opportunity to repair our VERY ecosystem. But so many dated and failing landscape trends DON'T cut it. Like landscaping as an accessory to building instead of its own thing. Like the endless lawns, hedges and roses that stem from the hyper-wasteful 18th century monarchs of France and Britain.


Our yards should not be eating cake! They should be growing it for us and for the birds and the bees! And without an expensive water bill! And without the constant sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers! Don't worry my mow 'n blowers we intend to keep you in business, just by putting your incredible skill set to better use than burning precious fossil fuels moving dust around. 

California wildflowers amazing buy native plants

A Better Way to Landscape 

There is a BETTER way to landscape and it will create a better California for us all. Our rare, endangered and idyllic 'Mediterranean' climate is an enviable godsend that should be replenished not further destroyed. 

The California WILD garden

How do we do it better? Our gardens are: 

  • Local Climate Adapted: meaning plants are adapted to survive periods of drought or little water after established.  
  • Support Native Habitat & Wildlife: not just the birds and bees but all the tiny little important soil micro-organisms too. 
  • Food Producing: almost every plant package we create includes at least one edible, culinary or medicinal species. Eat the local-ist!
  • Carbon Credits: we plant in more diversity and density than conventional landscape design which means more improved air quality and better capacity to absorb carbon dioxide
  • Use plants that contribute to soil fertility
  • Designed to be low-maintenance: occasional pruning only. Watering and weeding in the 1st-2nd year/establishment phase)
  • ARE DAMN SEXY aka attractive, seductive, nice to look at, smell touch and be with

Save the Planet Already!!

Oh and for my fellow eco-freaks out there did we mention that rebuilding high-functioning ecosystems and growing [even very small amounts of] your own food are some of the BIGGEST ways we can reverse climate change?

Yeah, we believe BIG solutions are coming and we want you to be a part of them.

Peace & Love my Cali People, 


Briana J. Lyon 

Founder & CEO, California WILDLove California native wildflowers and landscaping drought tolerant