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  • The Herbal Bliss package is a surrender to the scents of the Mediterranean. This bundle is the most fragrant foliage of our bunches. Simply brush up against them, crush their leaves, or, wait for the wafting of a cool evening breeze after a hot day to inhale the pungent allure.

    Hot Tip: Plant pieces of this garden nearest your home or fruit trees to help deter ants, rats, and other pests.Also packed full of healing and sacred herbs for for the DIY herbalist or Wiccan.


  • Sunset Zone: 18-24

    Habitat: Various

    Blooms: Insignificant

    Fragrance: Sage, mint, herb, spice

    Uses: Aromatic, culinary, medicinal

    Water Needs: Low-Moderate

    Soil Needs: Improved Drainage

  • Large (1500-2000 sq.ft.) 

    Baby Blue Eucalyptus (Dwarf)
    California Bay Laurel
    Catalina Perfume
    California Blue Sage
    White Sage 
    Boule Rosemary
    Cat Mint 
    Pineapple Mint
    Lemon Verbena
    Roman Chamomile
    Mother of Thyme