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  • Bring the midcentury style to your shady yard with this retro collection of variegated and foliage-lush plants. A simple and glorious green and gold color palette in a classic understated Japanese aesthetic.

  • This ultra low maintenance garden package is perfect for a shady atrium or pocket garden. The plants can handle full to part shade excluding the gingko tree which will want an opportunity to reach towards the sun. This gardens also highly drought tolerant once established.  


  • Sunset Zone: 16-24

    Habitat: Understory

    Blooms: Winter

    Fragrance: Minimal

    Uses: Medicinal

    Water Needs: Low-Moderate

    Soil Needs: None

  • Small (covers 125-175 sq.ft.) 
    Variegated Agave
    Bird of Paradise
    Foxtail Agave
    Yellow Edge Snakeplant
    Asparagus Fern / Golden Sedum

    Medium (covers 500-750 sq.ft.) 
    All of the Above AND 
    Small Maidenhair Tree
    Camellia Sasanqua
    Lady Palm
    Diamond Heights Ceanothus

    Large (covers 1,600-2,000 sq.ft.)
    All of the Above AND 
    LargeMaidenhair Tree