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California Native Sod - DIY Buy & Install

California Native Sod - DIY Buy & Install

Sick of the water bills on that ol' fashioned lawn? Or maybe the brown spots on that crabgrass have you in a tizzy...

Let us tell you a thing or two about how easy it is to buy Native sod online and have it installed OR EVEN do it yourself!! 


Clean up that canvas until it's nice and blank. Then loosen up the lop layer with a shovel or tiller and rake in your fertilizers.  

  1. Remove Nasties: Pull out weeds, stumps & any plants you don’t want (flag those you do) 
  2. Loosen ‘er Up: Use a shovel or tiller to loosen the top 4-6 inches of soil. If you have sandy or fast-draining soil SKIP THIS STEP (not a big deal if you don’t tho!).
  3. Groom: Remove smaller rocks & roots. clean it up so it’s smooth and buttery as possible.
  4. Rake-in Amendments:  Rake fertilizer, nutrients, lime &/or Mycorrhizae evenly across ground.


Wet soil: to a minimum of 6” deep to get your dirt ready. This will give a nice moist surface for the grass roots to bond with when lain down.


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Roll out your sod: as soon as possible after delivery (within 30 minutes to a max of 24 hours). If the weather is hot, place sod rolls in the shade until you are able to install. Mist or spray lightly.  

Place the first roll of sod along the straightest edge of your yard (i.e. sidewalk or driveway) then lay sod end to end, pushing edges tightly together.

Stagger seams with every new row in a brick-like fashion. Work away from you so you are stepping on sod as little as possible. Roll sod across/perpendicular to slopes so it doesn't slip. 

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kurapia sod delivered in southern california

Cut edges: around existing plants or corners with a sharp knife. Use off-cuts wherever possible. 

Roll with Roller: The finishing touch! roll with a sod roller (it’s like a giant metal rolling pin, rent one from your local hardware store) to ensure no air pockets have formed between the sod carpet and the soil surface. Avoid walking or kneeling on turf as much as possible after rolling to prevent any shifting.  



Water within 30-60 minutes of laying out sod. 

First 10-14 days: Water daily until the corners of the sod resist when you try to lift them (this means it’s rooted!). After your sod is passing this pull test you can begin to walk lightly on it at and cut back to watering every other day. 

After 45-60 days: Use freely as any other lawn and water at %50 of conventional sod rates for your climate zone.   


Reeeeeady to go?

We deliver sod from 3-30 days out from time of order on weekdays only. 

Shop our full lawn collection by clicking here! 


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