Cali WaterSave Lawns

For kids, dogs & athletes - many of us need lawns in our lives - but can’t justify the water bills. Meet the Cali WaterSave Lawn:

  • Lush
  • Low-water
  • Low-mow 
  • 100% native
These grasses are ready to reshape your idea of a lawn.

Cali WaterSave Lawn Alternatives

Want some greenery without the grass? Consider our ultra-low water NO MOW lawn alternative Groundcovers. From the Japanese wiz-bang game-changing groundcover Kurapia AKA "Lux Lawn Ultra" (actually a close relative of our spirited California native groundcover: Lippia) to succulent low-growers whose colors dazzle, we’ve got your low-maintenance low-water micro-meadow options covered.

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