How-to Get CASH rebates for new landscaping in Southern California!!

Southern California is in desperate need of you converting your landscaping to low-water plants and design! That's why the state government has implemented the Water$mart program for offering rebates for lawn replacements and other landscaping improvements. 

How much money can I get for installing drought tolerant landscaping?

And guess what?? Your new California WILD garden can qualify. If you're removing lawn - even DEAD lawn - you can apply for a $2/sq.ft. rebate for your new landscaping.

This means if you're replacing 1,500 sq.ft. of lawn in your front yard you could get $3,000 from your local water district!!

Here's the 5-step process for qualifying for your rebate. MAKE SURE you apply and get approval BEFORE you start your project. You need your dead lawn to still be in the ground to qualify. 

How to qualify for a Water$mart rebate? 

  1. One plant every 25-30 square feet... that means our plant packages  can cover double or even triple the listed square footage (OR just add a nice open decomposed granite (DG) or gravel patio in the center)!! 
  2. Do NOT remove any existing trees
  3. Add ONE water retention feature: like a dry river bed, rain barrel, swale or other natural water$mart contouring (swales are like natural little stream beds or a ditch that only fill up when it's raining or there's extra water... we'll be writing lots about these, so check back soon!) 
  4. Mulch to a minimum of 3" deep with wood chip, bark or other organic matter. See our Mulch blog for ideas of how to get this material FREE. Make sure all soil in the area is covered with mulch, DG or gravel.  
  5. Demonstrate usage of water$mart irrigation. Either improve your irrigation system or ensure no overhead sprayers are used. 

More money for MORE water savings??? 

AND get a rebate for your irrigation improvements. Most water departments will cover up to %75 of the cost of drip irrigation controllers that improve water distribution. 

Estimate your rebate amounts today: 

  1. Turf Replacement Rebates
  2. Irrigation & Water Saving Device Rebates

Then apply through your local water district's website. Enter your zip code at the top of this website (click here) to find yours. OR apply through Southern California's water website by clicking here


Guaranteed qualifying plants

Want to MAKE SURE your California WILD plant package qualifies?? All our California Native-inspired plant packages are guaranteed qualifying non-invasive plants as are %95 of our Designer plant packages. 

Contact us with questions! We LOVE helping make drought tolerant landscaping more accessible. 


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